Looking for Games?

There are two possibilities to look for games on this site

Using the "All Games" link:
List all games
or the search:
Search for games
(only showing games, sorted by last update.)

Since the last changes the search could become the default method to look for games. Despite all the benefits that are introduced with the faceted search, e.g making it possible to dynamically filter the search results, there are two drawbacks, it is not possible to sort the results by rating or last release.

My question for you is now, shall the search become the default method or not?

Here is a Poll for that question:
What method is better to look for games?


IMO, the poll isn't very useful (according to results), because people (who hadn't read this and previous posts; I bet this is a majority) mostly don't realize that 'search' can be used the same way as 'all games' where you start with nothing and then apply some query criteria (action, comic, 2d...) to narrow the search. This should be because 'true' search link (http://www.lgdb.org/search/luceneapi_node/) is at the bottom of page, and the 'search' mostly associates with that 'search' on the left, which is 'search by keyword'.

By the way, what I don't like with the 'search' is that it only allows to view first 10 query results, while 'all games' allows to view multiple pages (and view all search results). That's not problem for me [after the time spent here I know almost every single game in the database, so I don't really need the search at all ;) ], but this may be really inconvenient for other people.


note to self: make alternative search method more obvious and convenient and get rid of display limit.