Major downtime

Hello fellow Linux gamers,

Today, the site went down for several hours, hours where i tried to find the source of 100% CPU usage. Since two days the server load was really high and i tried with caching and code optimizations to maintain it, but to no avail.
Then to day i, and presumably many others couldn't login anymore. Time to dig deeper. But it took some time before i identified the function that was causing the problem. Finely i had to disable the "Who's Online" block, sorry but its broken.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Peace, pheonton.


Isn't it great how much you can fix if you only care about the symptoms? If you think about it, a lot of people could work on fixing symptoms if we don't care about the root of the evil. if i think about it we have this state already. Well knowledge prevented me form seeing the root in this case. So today i was digging a little deeper and found another problem: the php apc was running out of memory. So i fixed that and got some blocks back that i had earlier removed. done.