Markup and Twitter

Time to write about the latest changes.
The user berserk9779 suggested some editor helpers, preferable with keyboard shortcuts in this forum thread. And now the buttons are implemented. I used the markItUp! editor. it is unobtrusive and easy to extend, i hope people don't get confused when they suddenly see some strong or em tags in their text. If one moves the mouse arrow over the editor icons the keyboard shortcut is displayed e.g. Ctrl+B for Bold.

LGDB is now on Twitter and already has two followers yeah! A link to every new game or other content will be posted on Twitter and also if to already submitted content that is updated. This is still in an evaliation status so things migth change. Somethings i want to have are not possible and somethings i want to have are probably useless so feel free to make suggestions.

Every game page now has a link to get promoted on facebook, twitter and


In my opinion, Identica is more linux centric and has functionality such as groups and discussion threading that make it a better tool to use than twitter. Also, it has a built in Twitter bridge that allows you to post on twitter and identica simultaneously, so there's nothing to lose in using it!

yeah, that makes sense. Would be cool if you can tell me how its done, quick search didn't yield any satisfying results (i don't want to install anything)

How what is done, in specific? Posting to twitter? If you look at the top right corner, you'll see links like account, personal, and connect. Hit the connect link, and you should see a tab called twitter beneath the message box. Enter details there and it should work :)

Making a group: Go to: and hit make a new group, easy as that :) Post to the group by typiung a ! before the groupname, like !lgdb

Hope this helps