Now also on

Yes right, connect here:

Posts on and twitter will be the same. Its very easy to connect twitter and and have posts on also on twitter BUT NOT VICE VERSA. so new stuff will go from this site to and from there to twitter. luckily this project: makes it possible for drupal.


Coolness, thanks Pheonton, I'll notify everyone interested in gaming on identica to follow you guys :)

I was wondering, isn't there maybe a way to display replies and/or identica/twitter messages that have #lgdb in them in some kind of message roll, like quite a few sites have?

I know I'm being a pest, but GameBoom, which is another Open Source centric game site, has started its own Statusnet (software that runs Identica) instance centered around gaming:

Opengameart has recently integrated it, and I think it would be rather cool if LGDB does it as well, because it is even more your target audience than Identica (and everyone from Identica can still follow you, due to the way statusnet works)

So yeah, just my 2 cents, I think working together can only bring greater things and having a service like this shows that Linux/Open source gamers exist and have a voice