Similar games

Hallo world,
or at last the small part that is interested in Linux gaming and happens to visit this site.

I want to talk to you about some features on the site that became rather useless over time. If you have browsed the site in the past you might have come across the similar games block and the recommender block. The purpose of these blocks is to give you some suggestions of games that are similar to the one you view. Similar games bases its selection on the categories a game is in. While it worked on the past its not so accurate now. The huge amount of games in database leads to wrong ranking mechanics.
The other block bases its recommendation on the browsing history of other users and from the recommendations i asume you are all browsing randomly, clicking here and there... ;) well, its also not that use full.
The best solution, something i wanted to avoid from the beginning, is a manual selection. But since sixsixfive took the burden to started just that, the rather useless automatic attempts might be removed.
But before i do that i want to hear your opinion, what should go what should stay?



Voted for Manual selection. Any kind of automatic recommendation just don't work nowadays. "See Also" feature is the only way to make a real useful recommendation. I think we'll be able to fully replace Similar games after few months, when we'll add enough of See Also links (I'm trying to add no less than 5-10 per day).

isn't the poll for what to remove? I voted for (i.e., against) the similar games thingie. Browsing history can be interesting, at times.
But I agree, the best solution would be manual links, with an option for users to add 'similar games'

> isn't the poll for what to remove?
It is, but I've noticed it too late.