Trademark issue

Today i did some googleing to check the position of on the search result pages, because i noticed, that sometimes jumps from page one to page three, for the term "Linux games".

So i check some other terms, like "Linux arcade games" -> no in sight *sigh*

Well, i check "Linux games metascore" because thats the last feature that was added to
And viola, first entry... mhm... that made me think. is the term "metascore" copyrighted (a trademark)? I didnt think so, because for me, it is a common word, the combination from meta (from greek, used to discribe something that is the essence of something else on a different level) and score. just think of metadata or metaphysics. hehe. but those two words are also trademarks (metaphysics no more though) just like metascore... uh, you think, so can i not use the word metadata anymore? I dont know.
But i don't want to find out, if metascore can be used or not and rather change it.

Goal: Use a different word than metascore for the avarage of game ratings by external game-review-sites.

My offer would be metarating (<- wow how original is that.)
But if you have something better, leave me a comment.