Spandex Force

Spandex Force is a unique puzzle/adventure/RPG game that lets you create your own hero to clean up the crime-infested town of Vigilance Valley.
Follow your hero's quest to rid Vigilance Valley of vicious villains such as the Blizzard Wizard, the inept riddler Countess Conundrum, and the mysterious Professor Aphasia.
Spandex Force contains many different kinds of minigames in which you can battle common crooks or vicious supervillains, or rescue citizens in distress!
Create your very own hero and equip him or her with weapons and accessories of your choice! Also, choose between 24 superpowers you can use to defeat your opponents.

Game Features
Ten exciting minigames to play
Eight episodes of heroic action
24 superpowers to learn
Eight wacky supervillains to defeat
Equip your hero with capes and other accessories

Minimum system requirements: 

256 MB RAM
32 MB graphics card

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Developer: KarjaSoft