Glamour is a platform game for young girls. You play a girl on her sweet sixteen who goes throughout the city to pick up clothes and accessories so that she can be the most beautifull at the ball.

The game has no violence. You must avoid getting dirty while walking in the city and the foes may get you dirty... Watch out for the Old Lady brooming the city and the little dog running around, so that all that dirt don't ruin your dress. Other foes will simply make you slow. You got to find out the best outfit untill the Ball time, so, avoid playing with the butterflies and being scarred out by the Zoo animals.

The dificulty of the game increases with your points, not with stages. The more points you have, the more difficult the game will be.

Your goal is to win the hearts of everyone in the Ball and, maybe, find you true love.

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Developer: ocastudios