You are an archer and initiate monk of the Sanctuary Order. Humanity and the four continents of the Known World have fallen into a dark age, where undead horrors from the deeps of the earth have scoured the land of its people and polluted its very soil. The third Aentis Oscori (literally "Dark Age") is predicted by ancient tablets to last 100,000 years, and the Sanctuary Order is charged with protecting the few lands still fertile and the few people still living in the Known World. In their libraries they preserve the knowledge of ages past in the hope that a distant future generation may retake the Earth and restore Humanity to its rightful place.

You live in a time nearly 1,000 years after the falling of the Dark Age. Armed lightly with bow and arrow, wool clothing, and leather armor, you set out from Nothbess town heading south through the wilderness toward your destination, Valisade Monastery. You've been summoned to Valisade for unknown reasons, and commanded to make haste through the mountains instead of the safer route to the southwest.

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Developer: David O'Toole
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