Beyond Waymark

Game with 100 levels and level editor. Minimum system requirements: Java SE 5 or newer. Java SE 6 recommended. Runs for example on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and OpenSolaris.

Pass levels by interacting with 42 different game objects. Use automatons, blocks, bombs, counters, inverse counters, movers, pullables, remote controls, slopes, stoppers, switches, teleports, toggles, turnstiles, etc. and beware mirrors and deadly movers.

Are some switches too far away or are you unable to press them? No problems, use remote controls or program automatons to do it for you. Automatons can/must be programmed by the player to carry out different tasks, to help and to change the structure of the level.

You can play the 100 levels separately (use passwords) or in extremely difficult and hard challenge mode where the number of moves you make, the number of level restarts and the time you use will all have an effect on your final points.

The game and the level editor will keep you busy for a very long time!

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