Between the Worlds

A quiet American city has been struck by an inexplicable crime wave. As a seasoned detective, you are the city's last hope. Gather clues as you seek objects hidden amidst 18 unexplored crime scenes, and decipher puzzles that lead ever closer to the criminal mastermind. The city is counting on you to scour each clue-filled alley and cave, and decode the secrets within as you discover a true sense of mystery and intrigue while travelling Between the Worlds!


  • 18 Unique Crime Scenes!
  • Original Story - With Time Travel!
  • 12 Challenging Mini-Games!
  • A Real Sense Of Mystery And Intrigue!
Minimum system requirements: 

Video: OpenGL-compatible video card required (128 Mb recommended)
CPU: P 1.0GHz
Memory: 256 MB
SDL-1.2, SDL_image-1.2, SDL_mixer-1.2