Dualsus mechanics are simple, yet extremely profound: move through an horizontal scrolling while a number of elements that, according to the colour they are, we've to dodge or catch. Our protagonist changes colour -from white to black- every time you bounce on the basis or every time you jump, making the game an interesting challenge. Moreover, Dualsus is adorned by beautiful galactic scenery and powerful electronic music, all composed like old-school "Amiga music style". If you play Dualsus... you'll never get free of it!

Initially Dualsus is composed of only two stages ... Enough to challenge players with our old-school gameplay and make movement in the online competition to be the best in the rankings! However, we will upload updates with new levels, in order to complete the Dualsus experience.

Enjoy! The last thing Dualsus will do is to disappoint you... replayability is guaranteed!!

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