SDL-Ball is a Breakout/DX-Ball clone with pretty graphics. Use a paddle to deflect a ball to destroy the bricks in the level but don't lose your ball. Try to reach a place in the high score list.
Green and blue power-ups make your life easier (such as increasing paddle size, laser sight, etc.), red power-downs make it harder (such as making your ball faster, destroying your paddle, etc.). A specialty in this game is the power-up shop: If you collect power-ups you also collect coins which you can spend to buy even more power-ups at any time you want.
There are 50 levels and 3 difficulty levels; if you manage to complete all levels, the game continues at level 1 but with double score.

The game features an easy-to-use level editor and a well documented level format. There's also support for custom themes to provide custom graphics and sounds. In version 1.02, only 2 themes are provided by default, the original theme and one theme with different sounds.

The game is written in C++ with OpenGL and SDL.