Plight Of The Weedunks

Plight of the Weedunks is all about Platforming, Cooperation, Allergic Reactions and Biotechnology gone mad. On Planet XS the Corporation of Scientific Thought (COST) own the rights to science and innovation, with even the idea of competition outlawed. Their consumer products department enjoy a complete monopoly, with their cute Weedunk TM brand in every household. The status quo is guaranteed by COST's 'Needs Manipulation Department'- no one even thinks about their usefulness, let alone things more sinister.

And so, to the player characters! - Kohi & Grando! - two Weedunk TM products, an Alarm Clock and a Hot-Water-Bottle respectively. Though due to catastrophic allergic reactions to other Weedunk products, they've both been deemed faulty and sent to the nearest COST mulching plant for immediate recycling :(

Can you and a friend stop Kohi & Grando from being mulched? Can you work together, using these unfortunate allergic reactions to-all-things-Weedunk in a cooperative and clever way? Take down COST and save planet XS!

Or... be mulched.

Minimum system requirements: 

RAM: 512 MB
GPU: 128 MB with Shader Model 2.0 support
HDD: ~350 MB
AND: Two USB gamepads with atleast 12 buttons .. analog stick optional

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