Minetest Game

Minetest Game is a simple and peaceful “sandbox game”, this means there are no goals and no built-in enemies. It is a game for the Minetest engine. The player is thrown into a world made of cubes and can attempt to explore the surface and hitchhike through grasslands, forests, deserts and jungles, explore the seas with a boat or swim and dive, and collect various materials and craft tools from them. Using a pickaxe, the player can dig into the depths and collect precious minerals, but a careless player can also be cooked by lava. Or the player could become a farmer or forester and plant trees and crops. Almost every block can be removed with the correct tool and with the collected blocks almost every building can be erected—only the imagination is the limit. Minetest Game has a focus on creativity, building and exploring worlds, rather than being a challenge, so the gameplay naturally is sandbox-style.

Features of Minetest Game:

  • Several biomes to discover: Grasslands, desert, jungle, ocean, savannah, decidious forests, coniferous forests, snow, glacier
  • Deep underground with 7 different minerals and lava
  • 6 tool strengths from wood to diamond
  • Creative mode in which (almost) all items are instantly available

Minetest Game usually comes distributed by default with Minetest, but this may not always be the case.

Minetest Game is free software, without advertisements and free of charge.

Minimum system requirements: 

Requires Minetest to run. The hardware requirements are more or less the same as of Minetest.