rufas' cube

This is NOT another Rubic's cube. It's a whole new kind of puzzle: a slider, not a twister. A 3x3x3 arrangement of cubelets that looks like a rubic's cube but works differently. The center cube is missing which allows sliding permutations. The goal, after a randomization, is to restore the original ordering of the cubelets using color or alphabetic cues. Written in Ada, this code compiles and runs on Windows, OS-X or GNU/Linux. Five alternate "skins" are available as shown in the screenshots, three of which represents the "iQube" whose goal is to invert the color from green to red. Nicely functions on laptops; runs on OS-X Retina displays too. Now with mousewheel zoom.
Uses Felix Krause's thick OpenGLAda binding, SFML sound, and now FreeType fonts.
Easy build system allows anyone with GNAT to recompile; but first try the delivered exes. Note for Mac users: now includes a Mac binary bundle.

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Minimum system requirements: 

OpenGL version 3.3, Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS-X