Seasons Of The Wolf

The game starts in Ninim, a village in the Northern region of Aravorn (the fantasy world where Loren and other games of mine take place). It’s a cold, freezing land, where snow and ice are present most time of the year. It’s inhabited by snow elves, elves that have white/light gray hairs and eyes, and are very skilled Rangers, Hunters or Druids (the three playable classes as main character).

There two siblings, Althea & Shea are living together with their father Morran, who raised them when their mother went missing years ago. They live a frugal life, trying to earn some money and food through hunting.

One day, one of the two siblings (will vary depending who you choose to play) finds a wolf puppy and decides to take care of her. But this decision will lead to a disastrous chain of events later in the game…