Savage: The Battle for Newerth

Savage: The Battle for Newerth, combines effectively the computer game genres First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy and minor aspects of Role Playing Games into an on-line only multi-player game.

Choose to be a commander and play an in-depth RTS managing a command center, or choose to be a unit and you play an intense game of first person / third person combat. With the creation of a new game play genre, RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter), Savage expertly redefines the first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres by combining elements of both into one cohesive experience. As the commander in RTS mode, you will tackle resource management, develop a tech tree, plan tactical and strategic assault and lead a team of up to 64 human players into battle. As a unit in action mode, you will master melee combat, many unique weapons, powerful units, and siege vehicles to fight a fast paced battle.

Set in a unique fantasy world, Newerth, eons from now where Humans and Beasts battle violently for their very existence. Savage transcends PC gamers to the next level of multi-player gaming. Choose to fight on the side of HUMANITY, armed with science and technology, or take the side of the BEAST HORDE, masters of nature and magic. Each race has its own style of battle, its own leader, and its own way to victory. Which side are you on?

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 600 MHz (x86-compatible)
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: OpenGL 2 compatible with 64 MB VRAM
HDD: ~500 MB