Seraphine: Into the Wind

"Seraphine" was the name of a child who held a unique ability to destroy demons plaguing the land. However, she went missing in her childhood and was never heard of again. Since she was the last hope for the land, it quickly began to fall into ruin. This game tells the tale of the party that was formed to find Seraphine, and the romance in between.

Players can expect to play as the woman named Ere. She is a hopeless helper at her local inn, and is a social outcast because people consider her mentally ill. She lives in the coastal town of Landrea and leads a humble life until a large ship shows up unexpectedly on the shores.
Ere will meet many other people across Edernim and will have the opportunity to finally make friends.
But everyone in this land has a secret it seems. Can you reveal them all?

Game Features:

  • Fantasy RPG, "Otome" game
  • Multiple Romance Stories
  • 17+ Original Character Sprites
  • Full, Immersive Soundscapes
  • RPG Battle Mini-Game
  • 8+ Recruitable Characters
  • Non-linear, Branched Storyline
  • Multiple Endings