If you have an interest for indie games, it's quite possible you've played some RPG Maker games. Maybe even a lot of them. Ever got tired of seeing yet another game with an uninteresting plot using the program default graphics? Ever wanted to shoot the default characters in the face and throw them into the depths of hell? Well, now you can.

Alexland in a nutshell:

  • 12 weapons to kick ass with
  • 11 bonus types to increase the carnage
  • 10 enemy types to kill
  • 60 achievements to unlock and brag about
  • On-line scoreboard to pwn your friends on
  • No storyline - just relaxing, mindless shooting
  • All this set in nostalgic graphics of RM2k RTP.
  • Available in English, Polish, French, German and Russian.
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Developer: suve, ŻbiXs