Build a World

BIG NOTICE: Game is Open Beta 23rd of April, make sure you understand the word 'Beta' and that some features are missing

For all who might be interested, we would like to present the new sandbox construction game Build A World.

Build A World combines the most beautiful graphics you could imagine with a sandbox construction game. You enter a brand new world with modern tools and with the ability to make modern machines, buildings and other constructions. An online game run by the new BAW engine. It's a modern game in a modern world.

How do you play it?

BAW can be played alone, or online with friends and foes. The online function is one of the key feature of the game. Each player has his or her own online server in addition to LAN servers, so that it is possible to invite other players into your world, or join theirs.

The world you play in is randomly generated and endless in all directions. How you play is only really limited by your imagination.

What do you do?

The world comes ready with a huge amount of natural resources for you to find and collect: iron, rock, sand, copper, gold, coal, bauxite etc.

Your job as a world builder is to refine and manufacture these resources into building materials like wood, concrete, bricks, asphalt, steel, glass etc. for machines, houses and any other sorts of constructions, you can imagine.

Some of these machines and constructions already exist as blueprints in the game, and just need to be assembled, but a lot is up to your imagination. Can you build the next World Wonder?

The whole construction section is supported by another key feature, the Online Models Library, which allows the players to save constructions and models, and exchange models with other players. The autogenerated worlds can be entirely made of the players models, for example a large city populated with player-created houses and buildings.

In the end you will design your world just as you want it.


Besides natural resources, electricity is part of the games 'economy'. To keep everything running in the world players must construct power sources like wind turbines solar cells oil pumps with rigs and even nuclear power plants. There will also be a pollution damage factor build in, so that the cleaner the power source, the less pollution and damage to the environment. So use the energy wisely or face the consequences.

Minimum system requirements: 

OpenGL 3.2 capable Graphics Card with minimum 512 MB of Video RAM
At least a 720p display resolution
1.5 GB of RAM
Dual Core CPU @ 2.0 Ghz
Keyboard and Mouse
56kb/s connection to just login