NOTA is a realtime strategy game based on the Spring engine.

- robots, tanks, ships, airplanes, static weapons
- epic battles with hundreds of units
- 150+ types of units (but easy to understand them because of classes system of weapons and units) in two main robot factions
- 3rd faction of Spacebugs, deadly insect from deep Space (visually similar to Starship troopers bugs)
- 3 AI bots, 2 skirmish ones (NOE and Shard - each has own developer and they compete), 3rd bot is for Spacebugs survivor mission (you can face bugs in singleplayer or in coop play)
- 15-30 mins 1v1 matches, 45-90 mins huge 5v5+ battles

- real physics weapons simulation (= much miss-fire, no automatic hits, few guided weapons, many anti-weapons systems)
- armor simulation for tanks in combination of reverse ability of tanks (it does matter in which direction your tanks face the enemy units)
- airplanes fuel game mechanic (unique air fights, hard to get air-supremacy, which is key to victory)
- many ways of acquiring resources (mining, automatic production, trading, reclaiming dead units or map objects,...)
- different game roles for robots and vehicles (robots = slow cheap soliders with the best firepower for cost, tanks = lines crushers, the best units in 1:1 units comparion)
- mighty navy in right scale to ground/air units - ship cost a lot, but rule the sea and coast areas
- balance of advanced technology units and basic units - both has its role in late game (40min+) as well.

- running on Linux, Windows, MacOS (on Spring engine) = no matter what computer + system your friends have
- cool multiplayer lobby client - NOTA lobby (maps autodownloading system, friends, news bar, true skill measure system, player profiles making, replay system + NOTA TV)
- own comics strips, this is notAjoke!

Minimum system requirements: 

- 1.6 GHz single core CPU with SSE
- 512 MB of RAM
- 128 MB Nvidia Geforce 6xxx graphics card (onboard graphic cards are not supported)
- Roughly 200 MB of hard drive space, depending on how many maps you download

- 3 GHz dual core CPU or better
- 2 GB of RAM or more
- 512 MB Geforce 8xxx Series graphics card or better
- 4 GB of hard drive space to accommodate more maps