Fabled Lands App

FLApp is an adaptation of the Fabled Lands gamebook series, an interlinked set of single-player RPG books. The program presents the original text as closely as possible, displaying a sequence of pages with actions that the player can take embedded as hyperlinks. The game system and overall flow is controlled by the program, leaving you free to enjoy the prose or concentrate on power-gaming.

The Fabled Lands (published as Quest in the USA) were six fantasy gamebooks published in the mid 90's. They were written by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, and featured colour maps and black and white internal art by Russ Nicholson and colour cover artwork by Kevin Jenkins.

The main difference between them and other gamebooks series such as Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf, was that Fabled Lands were non-linear in structure - each book represented a certain region of the Fabled Lands - and your character was free to wander at will, solving quests, trading, sailing ships, and acquiring wealth and prestige.

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