Flying Bundle - Dungeons 'n' Computer Bundle

Dungeon Prospector

v13 (final) 22 Dec 2013
Dungeon Prospector is old-school dungeon crawler.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


by t3hb3n
1.1 16 Jul 2012
Hackwork is a new node-based 3D realtime strategy game in which you have to slip into the role of a hacker and control your army of...
Gamers: 2
Popularity: 0

Hacker Evolution: Duality

Linux Update 9 May 2014
Hacker Evolution Duality starts in the early days of Brian Spencer when he was nothing more than a brilliant programmer.
Gamers: 3
Rating: 4.7
Popularity: 0

Hack, Slash, Loot

1.7.3 13 Mar 2012
Hack, Slash, Loot (HSL) is a coffee break graphical roguelike.
Gamers: 3
Rating: 4.5
Popularity: 0

Hacker Evolution: Untold

1.0 18 Mar 2010
When the number of computers in existence and their processing capacity exceeds that of all mankind, a point of technological singularity...
Gamers: 3
Rating: 5
Popularity: 0