Groupees - Retro Groupee 3

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Minimum $1: Noir Syndrome, 6180, Don't Move.
More than $3: Droid Assault.
(All these are DRM-free).

NOTE: Don't Move is also linux, 6180 has a linux/mac version on the way, and and Another Perspective dev "ShaunJS" on Steam Greenlight says that about a linux port:It's definitely possible. It's on my to do list and there's no reason why I wouldn't want to do it.

Noir Syndrome

1.7 23 Sep 2014
Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time! Featuring slick pixel art animations...
Gamers: 3
Popularity: 0

Droid Assault

Battle an army of demented droids! Play Droid Assault and experience running Star Wars style blaster battles with hordes of rampaging...
Gamers: 2
Rating: 3.5
Popularity: 0