Submission guidelines

The aim of this project is to list interesting games, that are likely to be played and are a valuable asset to the Linux gaming community, not to collect as much games as possible.

  • Categories: More than three tags from a single category are probably too unspecific.
  • Screenshots: The thumbnail of the first uploaded image will be used in lists and in searchresults, select something representative(eg: a HQ screenshot). The first image will also be used for the banner beneath the game title if no dedicated banner image is available.
  • Description: The description should explain the game in a way that makes it possible for gamers to get a general overview of the goal and gameplay. Full sentences are prefered because the beginning of the description is used in lists and searchresults.
  • Games you will not find here, and on submission are likely to be rejected:

    • No games that have been released for other platforms and might have a Linux client in the future(e.g. Unreal Tournament 3). Exceptions apply if the native Linux client is confirmed by the developer. Those games can be included and should be tagged "no release".
    • No games that are in an early development phase even if parts are already playable.
      Exceptions apply if the development is rather vivid, the project looks really promising and parts of the game are playable. Those games can be included and should be tagged "early development".
    • No games in closed alpha/beta state
    • Not very simple Games (e.g. tic-tac-toe)
    • No games that need emulation (e.g. DOS) or a compatibility layer (e.g. wine) that doesn't come bundled with the game.