QJoyPad is a simple Linux/QT program that lets you use your gaming devices where you want them: in your games! QJoyPad takes input from a gamepad or joystick and translates it into key strokes or mouse actions, letting you control any XWindows program with your game controller. This lets you play all those games that for some reason don't have joystick support with your joystick. QJoyPad also gives you the advantage of multiple saved layouts so you can have a separate setting for every game, or for every class of game! That way you can play your games the way you want, not the way the programmers decided, and you can have the same button be "fire" in every one of your space fighters. QJoyPad gives you the freedom and flexibility to really take advantage of gaming devices in Linux, and makes the Linux gaming experience just a little bit nicer.

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