1. 2017-06-24 21:14:09 ThinkSome Now featuring Sweden and Hungary along with Germany,SU,GBR,Italy,Japan and USA. All factions are complete with several types of infantry, towed and self-propelled guns, normal and rocket artillery, tanks, aircraft and boats.
  2. 2017-07-01 07:25:46 sysedit Anyone else notice that steam makes games more expensive before a sale starts so they seem like super bargains?
  3. 2017-08-13 14:30:12 chaosesqueteam New update to ChaosEsqueAnthology: Release 117H: Malum-in-se Edition. [url] More is More
  4. 2017-09-18 22:32:09 chaosesqueteam 117o update: mappers can add attributes to pipes etc that make them shoot fire/poison/ice/water/steam/lasers when shot. Also mutator that sets this for existing maps. Think Call of Duty 5 Modern Warfare! (ICBM Area)
  5. 2017-09-19 21:51:40 PepeAmpere hi, i did update of this page 12 days ago [url] - how long i need to wait for get the change approved or rejected? Is there some responsible moderator which I can ask for some action? Thank you.
  6. 2017-09-20 18:36:58 ssf sry, I rarely come to this page - however here is page: [url]
  7. 2017-10-01 09:51:20 chaosesqueteam WE HAVE MOR WEPON! 160! GET! ChaosEsqueAnthology Release 117r !!!!!!! PepeAmpre and ssf what are your thought?!
  8. 2017-10-17 16:07:33 chaosesqueteam Release 117v: 1877 "bulldog" Gatling Gun. 1850 Sharps "buffalo" Rifle Enjoy!
  9. 2017-10-24 16:47:18 chaosesqueteam Release 117w: New wep-ons Colt Lightning Rifle Carbine, 8 gauge single shot shotgun. Additional weapon replacement options in mutators: WWI weapons, Old West Weapons. Enjoy! (The People from (Dutch, etc) hate this game! They feel that opensou
  10. 2017-11-12 06:38:17 chaosesqueteam 2 new shotguns [url]